Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably heard of Chat GPT, an AI tool released by Open AI in November 2022.

We have seen in the last few months the democratization of AI among the public and how it could be used for almost any task, including SEO & content creation.

Chat GPT is going to make SEO 10x easier.

It will facilitate and speed up the content creation process, and even improve your current results.

However, one question arises in the SEO community:

Is AI going to replace SEO?

The goal of modern SEO is to have a user-first approach.

You want to make sure that the content being published on your website is relevant and provides value to the user in a coherent way, which Chat GPT cannot do, or at least not yet.

So, the short answer is no. But…

It’s going to make it much more effective.

You can either criticize it or embrace it to drastically improve your internal processes.

In this article, you will discover how to use Chat GPT for SEO and improve your results.

We will share with you 7 prompts that you can use starting today.

Keyword Research

Chat GPT is useful for finding new related keyword ideas that you did not know about.

It could be a good alternative to traditional SEO tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs.

This is a good way to find long-tail keywords with low competition.

Let’s say you have a keto diet blog and want to get a list of keyword ideas to start your research.

Chat GPT will give you relevant starting points to build your SEO strategy.

Content Ideas

Finding what to write about is often a hustle when you already covered all the keywords in your strategy.

You may be using AnswerThePublic to find low-hanging keywords for your blog posts but Chat GPT does the exact same thing and is even better at it.

All you have to do is ask Chat GPT questions like“10 Blog Ideas for [insert blog topic]”.

Following our previous example about Keto Diet, you can keep refreshing the query until you find something relevant to your blog.

It is a game-changer… and a time-saver.

Blog Outlines

Once you have your content set up, Chat GPT can help you in your writing process by providing you with detailed outlines.

This is important if you are delegating your content creation to a freelancer or to another member of your team. 

You will have a well-structured article that covers in-depth your selected topic.

This is not always accurate but it gives you a great starting point and saves you a lot of time.

Catchy Blog Articles

Writing a catchy title is crucial for ranking as it directly impacts your click-through rate (CTR).

But it is also important to capture your reader’s attention to keep them engaged with your article.

The quality of your results will often depend on the quality of your prompt, so you need to be specific. You can ask Chat GPT to improve your title by:

  • Using a specific tone (playful, serious, etc.)
  • Including strong words
  • Considering your CTR 

Semantic Keywords

When writing a blog post targeting a certain keyword, it is important to include many other semantic variations to help the search engines categorize your website and build that topical authority.

But.. What does semantic means in the context of SEO?

Let’s take our previous example about the Keto Diet.

Take two long-tail keywords:

  1. Low Carb Diet 
  2. High Fat Diet

Google understands that both of them fell under the same topic, which is the “Keto Diet”.

Therefore, including those semantic keywords will make your content rank higher and increase your trust/authority.

It usually takes hours to build these lists… Chat GPT does it in seconds.

Generate a Sitemap

Starting a new website from scratch is often overwhelming as it takes a lot of time to build the initial SEO strategy and sitemap.

Your sitemap is the foundation of your website as it helps search engines categorize your website content and provide contextual meaning to your website.

According to Backlinko,

A sitemap is a blueprint of your website that help search engines find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content

It also helps you build subject matter authority, which will make you rank faster and higher in the SERP.

Chat GPT can generate it for you in seconds and facilitate your work.

You can use it as a starting point to build and plan your content strategy.

Schema Markups

Schema Markups are snippets of code that you can add to your website’s HTML to provide search engines with specific information about your content.

They help search engines categorize your content and display additional details in the search results such as ratings, FAQs, business location, etc.

They are several types of schema codes depending on your business. If you have a website with a focus on blog content, you will most likely use schemas such as Author Name, Date, or FAQ.

The example below shows you how FAQs schema can give you more real estate in the SERP and improve your ranking.

Chat GPT can help you create those Schema Markups in seconds. You can either provide a link to an actual page or ask him to create a blank template from scratch that you can fill up later on. 


Chat GPT for SEO is a powerful tool that can help you in your content efforts.

There are many creative ways to use it, but remember that the quality of your outputs will most of the time depend on the quality of your inputs. 

Therefore, mastering the art of creating prompts is an essential skill in the new area of AI.

Don’t use AI to write the content for you. Always keep in mind the end user and the fact that search engines can penalize you for it.

Instead, use it as a co-pilot. A member of your team that can help you increase your productivity by 10x. 

Need help with your SEO strategy? Feel free to reach out to the Howdy Code Team to get your action plan.

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