Facebook can help business owners to develop their own business effectively with its 2,7 billion active users. A lot of advertisers rely on Facebook’s paid ads to increase traffic, engagement and sales.

In 2020, Apple shook the game considerably. The new IOS 14, Apple’s new operating system, re-enforced the privacy of its users. Now, if you have an iPhone, you have the power to stop Facebook from collecting data outside its platforms. Thus, this situation affects the performance of your Facebook Ads due to a huge lack of visibility.

If you are a user of Facebook Ads, don’t worry! Luckily, we have a lot of tips and strategies adapted to this particular issue. If you follow them, you will save your business and keep watching it grow in 2022.

Facebook Ads tips that you must know

Tip n°1: Verify domain and prioritize web events

If you haven’t verified your domain, we urge you to do it right now. So why is it important? By verifying your domain, you protect the integrity of your content. This step ensures that the only verified owners are the ones in control of content and the way it appears on Facebook.

In addition, you need to configure your web events. You can’t do it if you haven’t verified your domain. You have to prioritize the eight events given to you for a specific domain. As a result,  you will help Facebook to optimize for the most important event to you and to ignore the rest. 

The data that it accumulates will affect your campaign results so that’s why you need to be very thoughtful when prioritizing web events. This is an example of an event prioritization :

Tip n°2: Diversify your data sources

You need to diversify your data sources so you can help Facebook do its magic. It can’t collect data as it used to do before because of IOS 14. Now the users of IOS 14 products have the upper hand.It needs access to personal information. That wasn’t the case before.

So you must feed Facebook with data from various sources. As an illustration, you can use your personal database that you’ve obtained from your website and feed it to Facebook. Then Facebook can match your database email addresses with the ones on its platform. Therefore, Facebook will understand what kind of profile is best for your business and target it when running an Ad campaign.

If you want to conduct a retargeting strategy, you must not rely on your website visitors only. As you know, people using IOS 14 have the possibility to not be included in your website custom audiences. That‘s why you should add other reliable sources not affected by IOS 14. For example, you can use your email list, people who have engaged with your content on Instagram or watched your videos on Facebook.

Tip n°3: Invest in Engagement Ads

We cannot stress how important engagement Ads are. The purpose of these Ads is to boost your posts, get more likes on your page etc. In a nutshell, they engage people.

 It is very crucial that you give them a try as they can make a big difference. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money. Consistency is what will make you benefit from these types of Ads. They will make life easier for Facebook to reach the right customers for your business.

As we mentioned before, we advised you to use engaged people as an additional source for retargeting purposes. That’s how important engagement Ads are.

Finally, we want you to think of these Ads as food for Facebook. It needs it now more than ever.

Tip n° 4: Target a larger audience

A lot of advertisers make the mistake of targeting a smaller audience than they should. You will never get it 100% right. You might not have in mind that people with other interests can be potential customers. 

We advise you to give Facebook more freedom when targeting an audience because you need to keep in mind that humans are difficult to understand. Keep your audience’s size at least 500k. 

This could be a deal maker or breaker for your business especially after IOS 14. So give Facebook more freedom and it will surprise you with good results for sure. 

Tip n°5: Don’t complicate things

If you are a beginner in Facebook ads, you’ve probably heard of funnels. A Marketing funnel, in a nutshell, is a model illustrating the journey of a customer towards the purchase of a product or service. 

A lot of experts in Digital Marketing use it but this doesn’t mean that you should do it too, especially in 2022. As mentioned before, the circumstances have changed. You really can’t control the whole funnel process due to Facebook’s lack of visibility. 

Our advice for you is to make things simpler. Using a funnel strategy, frequently, will only complicate things without bringing value to your business. Focus more on the one thing that you really want like conversions. Sometimes being lazy comes with its benefits.  

Tip n°6: Experiment more

The benefits of experimenting with new ideas outweigh its cost. Marketers come up with new strategies because they keep on trying new ways and combinations until they find the one that works best for them. The ones who discover the new winning strategy take full advantage of it as few people (if not one ) know about it. 

In addition, you are obliged to find new strategies not because it is fancy but because your business needs it. Old strategies are well known by everybody hence the competition will suffocate and hinder your growth. Therefore, new strategies are your escape from unnecessary competition and your path to success.    

It is in times of crisis that people bring the best out of themselves and come up with revolutionary concepts. Thus, you should capitalize on this situation and activate your hidden mad scientist spirit. 

To summarize, as you’ve probably noticed, you need to collaborate more with Facebook and not rely on it to be as efficient as before IOS 14. As a consequence, staying ahead of your game is a must since other companies may choose to follow Apple’s footsteps. However, these six tips, if followed, will help you to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 

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